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Weird XBox Goings-on/ RIP Mithrandir

So I setup my home theater system in my new apartment, and moved my XBox over yesterday. For some reason it'd rejigged my character in Top Spin (an excellent tennis game, for those wondering). "Mithrandir" was transformed from an excellent serve-and-volley character to a strong baseline player. Pissing off, especially considring the pain I had to go through to get him to #1 ... beaten by Keurten in the French Open, and nearly beaten by Chang at Wimbledon.

So now, I've created a new character - Bjorn Again (get it?!) He's currently ranked #85 and will probably require several hours of play before he can become Mithrandir's heir.

Haven't played Rainbow Six 3 with Nikhil for a while either ... I'm probably getting pretty rusty.



BBC NEWS | Business | Air India enters no-frills market

BBC NEWS | Business | Air India enters no-frills market

I've travelled but once on Air India. Even at "full service", the flight felt like a no-frills trip. I wonder what corners they'll cut to get to "no frills". Food I guess would be the first to go (yaay?)



No TV!

No XBox!

No movies!


I *hate* Moving

So 70% is done, and I've got a week to do the remaining 30%.

Java and I were discussing our frequency of moves. I reckon I've moved 4 times since 2000. 4 times! Its insane. Especially if you consider that I moved twice in 3 months. I hate moving.


New apartment still needs to be setup, and I've yet to get phone & cable setup. Mom & Dad are living there right now for now. Hopefully I'll be done moving & setting up by the middle of the week.

Most unfortunately, my TV's now in the new apartment. NO TV! For a week!.

I hate moving.


Moving Apartments

Am moving tomorrow - a little further uptown. Packing is a pain. I think I've got about 70% packed. I've lost all enthu to do any more. I guess the remaining 30% will have to be shifted over the next week. Lucky I extended the lease on my current apartment by a week!