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What's In A Name?

As some of you may know, the Missus & I are moving to the Bay Area. And that means I've got to change this blog's name. But I'm scratching my head over what it should be.

Now from a common sense perspective, I'd like to leave out names of places. "Musings From New York" would become "Musings From Palo Alto" which at some indeterminate time might become "Musings From Timbuktu" and so on, and that's obviously cumbersome.

I already have the tagline: "When 140 Characters Isn't Long Enough". Since most of my communication these days is via Twitter, this blog has evolved into a means of posting lengthier thoughts, photos, and so on.

So ... does anyone have any useful suggestions?

Reader Comments (1)

well people like you who come in search of job, have made a mess of Bengalooru. They leave the place that gave them birth and bought them up like backstabbers. Bangalooru was never built for this and i dont want to see it they its changing, and the people whom you commenting about maybe your relative or neighbours. Why don't you think as to why there is not uniformity in the country?why do you need blore for everything?Try to give back to the nation in better way now that you are a very responsible person, and stop critising the city that gives hope to millions of people. Even i don't like the way it is and its only that way because of you and me.

October 15, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMe

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