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In Which I Explain Why People Think I'm Always On Facebook

It's called Twitter, and Facebook's Twitter application. Explaining Twitter is a bit difficult. It's ... a microblog ... a messaging application ... a refuge for the technocrati and technosnobs. In other words, it's my refuge. I typically "tweet" (as it is known) once or twice a day, and the tweets are automatically pushed to my Facebook status. Oh, and the interesting challenge in tweet-ing is that there's a 140 character limit, so one has to choose one's words very carefully! Twitter is starting to get a little traction from businesses, especially hi-tech ones, who use it as a medium to get their word out to the tech-savvy.

You can find me at: ... The Lady is at /NamrataM (she wants me to plug her work account /EMCMAGELLAN) ... And here are some of the folks I follow on Twitter:

/Malz ... Taz Snow
/patricknorton ... panel-member of TWIT, and tech reviewer
/THErealDVORAK ... John C. "I Get No Spam" Dvorak
/ltshaw711 ... A funny chap in Boston
/sidsays ... The Lady's Brother
/leolaporte ... The Chief TWIT
/wilw ... Ensign Wesley Crusher's alter-ego
/darthvader ... someone with a great sense of Star Wars humor, and way too much time on their hands

Any other readers have Twitter accounts? Let me know!

For those curious, I use Hahlo on my iPhone to write out Tweets.

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